Training Testimonals

Relaxed and supportive presentation. Clear explanations of the expectations of a reading lead. Helped me to have a focused start to the role and my gave me first targets to aim for.

Hanslope Primary School Sept 23

Clear examples of how it works in a real class situation and how to adapt for all children. Engaging and informative

Thythorn Field Primary School Sept 23

Good to have an opportunity to collaborate with other reading leads & a good way of getting new updates/ideas for the role.

Denfield Park Primary School Sept 23

Informative, how to help and support staff with regards to coaching and practice, information about the PSC

Parklea Primary School Sept 23

The ideas were fantastic (even better as they from someone who is actually in the classroom delivering it and understands the day-to-day life of teaching)

Little Hill Primary School Mar 23

Gave a clear understanding of the techniques, strategies and vocabulary needed to teach phonics. Resources were purposeful. Showed good examples of successful phonics teaching in practice.

Hawthorn Community Primary School Feb 23