• Preparing for the PSC - Hayley Pyrah (Hub Lead) - 12th Apr 2024

    The Easter holidays are over and there is one thing on lots of our minds, not ‘did I really eat 10 whole chocolate eggs in 2 weeks?’, more ‘how can we prepare our Year 1 pupils for the Phonics Screening Check?’. It is something we get asked a lot at Roade English Hub so I have compiled a list of my top tips to give your pupils the best success. Phonics at Every Chance you get! Continue with the high quality daily phonics, following your SSP then add an additional, shorter afternoon session to expose to sounds not yet taught and really focus on the gaps.
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  • Reading for Pleasure in Key Stage 2: A Culture - Erin King (Auditor) - 21st Mar 2024

    Picture this: a primary teacher is presented with three wishes… would one of those wishes be for their class love reading and to choose to read? Absolutely. Along with endless glue sticks. And whiteboard pens.
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  • Starting a Blog - Jodie Matthews (Strategic Lead) - 11th Mar 2024

    Recently I was invited to present at a Hub National Event on the Roade English Hubs marketing strategy, and I had the opportunity to work with Lucy, the Hub Lead at St Wilfreds English Hub. Lucy is a really inspirational Hub Lead and after looking at their blog and enjoying reading their updates I thought it would be great to do something similar. Our blog will be written by a member of the Hub team, not always by me, and will cover a range of topics and aim to answer questions that we often get asked. The Hub team consists of a team of Literacy Specialists with a range of teaching and leadership backgrounds, all with an extreme passion for reading and teaching children to read and love reading.
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